Whitty Construction

Identity / Small Business

Whitty and Sons Construction is a Madison-area business, assisting homeowners with remodeling or other construction projects that help turn their properties into their dream homes.

Identity Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

Starting a new business is a daunting challenge and in fact, most fail within two years time. For small businesses of five or less people, marketing is a necessary evil that they struggle with. They know they have to have essential things, like a name and a logo. Most find even the name of their new business endeavor to be troublesome — never mind creating a logo.

Patrick Whitty is a general contractor who started his own construction business and found himself in exactly that scenario. He came to me needing help developing a new logo for his business. I first began by asking him questions related to his business, values, beliefs and purpose behind wanting to start something that most others fail at. What I found was someone who has a passion for what he does, a belief that he can transform other people’s lives, and a hard work ethic — things I find quite similar in what I do for a living.

What resulted from our work together is a bold and strong logo, easily read from a distance or on any material. Which is important, because it would need to be printed on t-shirts, hats, yard signs and as decals for his truck and trailer. The chosen typeface for his logo, Alller, is a strong, unique sans serif font. Its bold weight displays impact and recognition, which is exactly what a construction company logo needs. The color palette is industry specific and appropriate, and yet still reflects qualities and traits that are important to Mr. Whitty. All-in-all, it met expectations and helped launch his identity and business off the ground.