“Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World”

Book Covers / Print

The only astronaut to have commanded five Space Shuttle missions, Jim Wetherbee has seen the subtle conditions that sometimes cause organizations to fail—but knows the best techniques to unleash the power of people working together in hazardous environments to accomplish complex missions in our dangerous world.

Book Cover Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

Published by Morgan James Publishing

The design of “Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World” aimed to visually reflect the essence of the book’s empowering message and Captain Jim Wetherbee’s illustrious career as an astronaut and naval aviator. The goal was to create a captivating cover and interior layout that would engage readers, convey the book’s themes of resilience and risk management, and leave a lasting impression.

The cover design draws inspiration from the excitement of a launch and the allure of space exploration. The color palette reflects a harmonious balance of calm and excitement. Cosmic blues and deep indigos evoke a sense of the unknown, mirroring the risks that Captain Wetherbee encountered in space exploration. These shades blend seamlessly with earthy tones, signifying stability and control, symbolizing the strategies for managing risks. The overall palette conveys a sense of hope and determination, underscoring the book’s message of navigating challenges with confidence.

The design of “Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World” serves as an essential complement to the profound wisdom shared by Captain Jim Wetherbee. It captures the spirit of adventure, resilience, and thoughtful risk management that characterizes the book’s narrative. By artfully combining aesthetics and functionality, the design elevates the reading experience, enticing readers to explore the depths of risk control in a world filled with uncertainties. Ultimately, the design resonates with readers, making the book a bold, unforgettable guide for navigating the complexities of life and leadership in a dangerous world.