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Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is a government agency that leads economic development efforts within the state.

Industry Profiles Layout & Design

Art Directed and Designed by Brian Stewart

Written by Tom Thieding and Scott Mosley

The design of the industry profile report for WEDC aimed to provide comprehensive insights into key industries driving economic growth in Wisconsin. The report focused on pivotal sectors such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Water Technology among others. The design process aimed to present complex industry data in a visually engaging and easily digestible manner, catering to stakeholders, investors, and policymakers.

The design process commenced with an in-depth analysis of each industry’s unique characteristics and significance in Wisconsin’s economy. The concept revolved around creating a cohesive visual narrative that seamlessly integrated diverse industry profiles within a unified design framework. Visual elements were thoughtfully employed to convey statistical data, market trends, and growth potentials. Imagery showcasing industry-specific products and processes added visual appeal and authenticity to the report. A structured and organized layout was adopted to facilitate the reader’s journey through various industry profiles. Each section featured a consistent format, making it easy for readers to navigate and locate specific information. The WEDC logo and brand elements were strategically placed to maintain brand identity and reinforce the report’s credibility. Branding integration established a sense of authority and expertise for the report.

The end result was well received. Its visually engaging design and informative content attracted stakeholders, investors, and policymakers, fostering informed decision-making. By presenting data in a visually compelling manner, the report successfully communicated the potential and significance of each industry, inspiring confidence and interest in Wisconsin’s economic opportunities. The report’s cohesive design approach ensured a seamless integration of diverse industry profiles while reinforcing WEDC’s authority as a reliable source of economic insights.