The Arizona Community Colleges

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With nearly 300,000 students enrolled, Arizona Community Colleges provides higher education opportunities and workforce development training to students throughout Arizona.

Social Media Ads and Masthead Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

I help clients, like Arizona Community Colleges, with creating social media graphics to help promote their business, products or services.

It’s not enough to just differentiate yourself from your competitors in social media. In order to simply stand out in a person’s busy timeline feed, you need to create unique and interesting graphics.

Each of these started with a rough idea and copy written specifically for that message. From there, I adhered to their brand standards as a starting point, looking through their library of tens of thousands of images. These needed to be done quickly, affordable, and disposable – meaning that they had a short lifespan and were quickly replaced with another graphic potentially just a day later. They also needed to be easily-digestible for their target audience, and stand out from other tweets or posts not only on their own timeline, but in potentially anyone else’s timeline as well.