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MX Tabs – Poster

MXTabs (now Songsterr), was the first legitimately licensed website, designed to provide musicians with access to free tabs while also compensating music publishers and songwriters for their intellectual property.

Poster Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

The poster designed for MX Tabs aimed to capture the essence of their pioneering role in providing musicians with free and licensed tabs.

The design process began with a deep understanding of MX Tabs’ mission and legacy as a groundbreaking platform for musicians. The design embraced the rebellious and artistic vibe reminiscent of Shepard Fairey’s “Obey” work, aligning with the music community’s free-spirited ethos while highlighting MX Tabs’ unique contribution to the industry. The poster features a phoenix, raising from its ashes, a symbolic visual element used throughout promotional materials for the brand. Bold and striking fonts were chosen to drive home the messaging and resonate with the target audience, a passionate subculture of enthusiasts. The color palette was thoughtfully selected to evoke a sense of rebellion, creativity, and the passion associated with music. Vibrant hues and contrasting tones amplified the poster’s visual impact.

The MX Tabs poster made a powerful statement that fans of the website clamored to get. The rebellious and creative vibe aligned perfectly with the brand values, contributing to MX Tabs’ popularity and recognition. Overall, the poster design was a hit and helped solidify MX Tabs’s status within the online community.