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Headquartered in Madison, WI, Musicnotes is the world’s largest e-commerce sheet music retailer and publisher, providing nearly 300,000 pieces of officially licensed digital sheet music and guitar tablature to over 4.5 million customers around the globe.

Mailer and Gift Cards Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

Musicnotes contracted me to design for them a series of gift cards, each depicting a key component of their service, along with the mailer that the gift cards would be sent in. The gift cards served as an essential marketing tool, offering a delightful and personalized gifting experience for music enthusiasts and musicians. With a focus on creativity, musical aesthetics, and brand representation, the design process aimed to enhance customer engagement and promote Musicnotes as the go-to destination for digital sheet music.

Multiple gift card design concepts were explored to encompass a wide range of occasions and themes. Each concept presented unique artistic elements, typography treatments, and color schemes, ensuring that customers could find the perfect gift card for every recipient and celebration. The gift card designs incorporated musical imagery, such as musical notes, instruments, or music staffs, to evoke the joy and passion for music, reinforcing Musicnotes’ core value as a leading sheet music retailer and publisher. The designs seamlessly integrated Musicnotes’ brand identity, including the company logo, color palette, and typography.

The redesigned Musicnotes gift cards and mailer had a significant impact on customer engagement and sales. Their visually appealing and music-inspired aesthetics appealed to customers, encouraging them to choose to gift them to others. The optional selection of designs for various occasions and the mailer that they were sent in helped enrich the gifting experience and heighten customer appreciation and satisfaction. The gift cards’ strategic promotional integration also contributed to increased sales during holiday seasons and music-related events. Overall, the design of gift cards played a vital role in reinforcing Musicnotes’ brand presence and customer-centric approach, solidifying their position as the world’s largest e-commerce sheet music retailer and publisher.