“The Exercise Factor”

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The Exercise Factor Book Cover

Jim Kirwan is the founder and former CEO of TrySports and the creator of Get America Moving. He came to the United States from Ireland in 2003 to set up TrySports, a specialty retail business focused on the aerobic activities of walking, running, swimming, cycling, fitness and triathlon.

Book Cover Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

Published by Morgan James Publishing

The book cover design for “The Exercise Factor” by Jim Kirwan is an inspiring representation of the book’s promise to guide readers towards achieving their best shape of life, regardless of age, weight, or current fitness level. The design exudes energy, motivation, and inclusivity, inviting readers to embark on a transformative journey of fitness and well-being.

A vibrant and energetic color palette is employed to convey a sense of enthusiasm and determination. The colors resonate with vitality and radiate a positive outlook, motivating readers to take charge of their fitness journey. The title “The Exercise Factor” is presented using bold and impactful typography, showing strength and resilience. A compelling tagline accompanies the title, briefly summarizing the book’s core message. It encapsulates the promise of attaining the best shape of one’s life, providing an additional incentive for readers to explore the book’s content. A prominent quote is featured at the top of the cover, specifically highlighted to give the author credibility with readers.

The design of the book cover was well received with the author, who felt it targeted his audience perfectly. Overall, the cover design sets the stage for an engaging and empowering reading experience, motivating individuals to embrace the exercise factor and achieve their fitness goals.