“The Great Management Reset”

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The Great Management Reset – Book Cover

Leslie Kaminoff is the founder and C.E.O. of AKAM Living Services, Inc.. His previous publications include “How to Choose the Right Management Company for Your Residential Property” and “What to Expect from Your Property Manager” along with numerous articles in industry publications and awards for excellence in management.

Book Cover Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

Published by Morgan James Publishing

The book cover of “The Great Management Reset” presents a captivating and visually stunning design with an iconic business aesthetic reflected in its fonts and color choices. The design aims to attract the target audience of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers seeking guidance on revamping their management strategies and approaches. The cover combines bold imagery, typography, and color to create an eye-catching and thought-provoking visual.

The color scheme centers around a mix of deep blues, gold and red, offset by black. These colors create a harmonious and visually engaging contrast. The blue represents stability, reliability, and professionalism; the gold represents wealth of knowledge and ambition; while the red contrasts the white text, making the duality read of “The Great Reset”. The typography exudes authority and confidence, making it clear that the book is written by an expert in the field.

The design emits a professional and contemporary feel, enticing the audience to explore the book’s contents. The cover design’s ability to communicate the book’s core ideas effectively has contributed to the book being well received and a bestseller in its category. “The Great Management Reset” enjoys a five star rating on Amazon.