Corporate / Digital / Video

IAAPA is the premier trade association representing the diverse and ever-changing attractions industry. They represent more than 6,000 attraction, supplier, and individual members from over 100 countries.

Social Media Digital Graphics Design & Animation/Video Production

Designed by Brian Stewart

The objective was to enhance IAAPA’s online presence and expand their audience reach through social media marketing. My design approach focused on creating multiple versions of a social media ad graphic for A/B testing while remaining consistent with their overall brand and social media presence.

I crafted multiple ad variations, each tailored to convey IAAPA’s unique essence and appeal to their target audience. Careful attention was given to design elements, colors, and typography to strike a balance between aesthetics and conversion potential. The different ad graphics were deployed on social media platforms, and their performances were monitored and analyzed. IAAPA witnessed an increase in user engagement and click-through rates. The A/B testing approach enabled them to fine-tune the visuals and maximize campaign effectiveness.

The end result delivered a compelling and successful result which the client was overly happy with, opening the door to future collaborations and ongoing projects, like the short video animation they wanted soon after completing the social media graphics. By blending creativity with analytics, we created an impactful social media campaign that helped propelled IAAPA’s brand visibility and fostered lasting connections with their online audience.