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As a successful sales leader and manager Charles Fellingham has performed over a quarter century as a successful sales leader delivering over $100 million in new business during his tenure in the Aviation and Aerospace industry. He is world renowned sales trainer, having coached and developed thousands of business leaders to help them achieve more sales and income. Andre O’Brien is an executive trainer and keynote speaker specializing in personal and organizational development. He has dedicated more than 20 years to coaching and developing business leaders across the globe.

Book Cover Design

Designed by Brian Stewart

Published by Morgan James Publishing

The book “How to Sell” co-authored by Charles Fellingham and Andre O’Brien presents a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of salesmanship, and its cover design is a masterstroke in itself. With a captivating blend of color and visual elements, the cover effectively sets the stage for a successful sales journey.

The book cover design for “How to Sell” is strategically crafted to resonate with its readers—sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to enhance their selling skills. The concept revolves around the idea of empowerment, highlighting the book as the ultimate solution to achieving sales excellence. The title “How to Sell” is displayed in dynamic and bold typography, conveying a sense of assertiveness and assurance. The choice of font style is modern yet approachable, appealing to both seasoned sales professionals and those new to the field. The color palette is thoughtfully selected to evoke emotions related to sales success. The use of energetic and optimistic colors like orange can create a sense of enthusiasm and motivation, encouraging readers to take action and embrace the book’s teachings. Contrasting the vibrant orange, the dark aqua blue creates an impactful visual and frames the title in the center of the book.

The book cover design of “How to Sell” was well received by the publisher and authors themselves. Its compelling design and persuasive elements have captured the attention of the target audience, driving higher sales and visibility in bookstores and online platforms.