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  • ChefsFeed onboarding
  • ChefsFeed onboarding
  • ChefsFeed onboarding
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ChefsFeed is a media company focused on food and drink reviews, publishing original videos and stories to its website and apps, as well as dining guides.

Email Campaign Design & Production

Designed by Brian Stewart

The objective of the email campaign for ChefsFeed aimed to engage food enthusiasts by driving them to download their app and to create their profile.

Each email began with eye-catching messaging, that was on-brand and set the tone for what lay ahead. Utilizing the brand colors of a bright yellow and dark navy blue, with ample white space, the design concept focuses on delivering a visually captivating and informative experience to the target audience. Mouthwatering images of delectable dishes helped to pique the recipient’s interest and encourage click-throughs. The email campaign was designed with responsive templates, ensuring optimal viewing on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It also considered accessibility guidelines, employing alt text for images and legible fonts for inclusivity.

As part of the email campaign design for ChefsFeed, a user onboarding email was also developed to welcome new subscribers and guide them through installing the app and setting up their profile. The onboarding email served as a potentially pivotal experience and first point of contact with the brand, so it was essential to design and create a positive, informative and engaging experience for newcomers.

Overall, the email campaign was a success, driving a substantial number of app downloads and profile creations. The user onboarding email played a crucial role in introducing new subscribers to ChefsFeed’s vibrant culinary world and was successful in doing so. The campaign’s visually appealing design and catchy messaging created an inviting atmosphere for new subscribers. This, in turn, fostered a sense of excitement and anticipation, leading to increased user engagement and interactions.